Places I’ll go: Pulpit’s Rock, Norway

I will admit it. pulpits rock

I found out about this place while browsing Pinterest.

As soon as I saw it I knew I had to go there.

It was Pulpit’s Rock, formally known as Preikestolen, in ,Ryfylke, Norway.

This insanely massive cliff is 604 metres above the Fjord and there are no railings. You can literally walk, or in my case crawl, to the edge and take in some of the most incredible views in the country.

To reach this summit there is a three to four hour hike that includes some very steep inclines, , despite this close to 200,000 people make the journey each year.

Now if you think like me you must be asking yourself, “How is this safe?” I can only imagine what could happen when trying to take the iconic”jumping because I am on vacation” photo right near the edge.

Well according to Wikipedia (and I haven’t done any research beyond it), there has never been any accidents due to the lack of  a safety rail ( but sadly one suicide in 2000).

This hike and country is now on my bucket list. However, I am hoping on visiting this sooner rather than later. This incredible cliff was formed during the Ice age when the edges of a glacier reach this cliff. This caused the perfect viewing plateau for tourists to take in the fjord. However, there is a deep crack in this plateau, which will at one point break off and potentially close this natural wonder.

While it is not anticipated this this will happen in the near future, I don’t want to risk getting a chance to see this in person.


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