Walking from Fira to Oia, Santorini, Greece

Before we travelled to Greece, we read that one of the most beautiful walks was from Fira to Oia in Santorini. We were staying just outside of Fira and decided to time the walk just before sun went down, so we could see the famous sunset in Oia.

We knew the walk (or should I say hike) was 12km and that you just had to walk along the cliffs until to reached Oia, which doesn’t really seem that far. What we didn’t know is that the trail sometimes turn into a dirt path and involves climbing steep hill. This is probably why I thought doing the hike in a dress and flats was a good idea. It wasn’t. For anyone considering making this walk, running shoes and bottle of water is probably a good idea.

You also need to give yourself a lot of extra time. Sure you can easily walk 12 km in just over a few hours, even if it isn’t on the easiest terrain. But you need to give yourself another hour to stop and snap pictures of the unbelievable scenery. We found that we were stopping every 5 minutes to take another picture and they just kept getting better and better.

Since we weren’t well prepared, and didn’t leave enough time to take photo breaks along the way, we just barely made it to Oia in time for the sunset. However, we did luck out and managed to arrive at the hill overlooking the town, where there is an beautiful old church.

The best part of the walk was when we were adopted by a stray dog who insisted on leading the way. If you have been to Greece, you will know that there are many stray dogs. Usually they keep to themselves, unless you are eating, but this one met up with us halfway through and walked about 20 feet in front of us the whole way. If we stopped to take a photo, he waited in front of us. If we paused to take in a view, he would circle back. And when we wanted to sit down and take a rest, despite looking a little irritated, he would wait as well.

I am not sure if this is a service that he does for all tourists, but whether you have a guide or not, the walk from Fira to Oia is completely worth it.

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