Places I’ve Been: Tsigrado Beach, Milos, Greece

If you don’t have the money to afford a vacation on your own private beach (and really other than a few lucky celebrities and heiresses, who does?), the next closest thing is finding beach so secluded you feel like you own it.

Tsigrado Beach, Milos, Greece

This is Tsigrado Beach.

It has everything: white sand, shallow blue waters, caves, cliffs and the best snorkelling on the island.

And for the low, low price of the gas that you need to get you there, this beach is free for the taking.

Getting there can be difficult. While it is only 20 minutes from the main town of Adamas, it feels as though it is off the beaten track.

You will need to have a car, no public transit will take you here. And you will travel down a long gravel road, and half of time you will think you are lost.

Once you arrive, however, the hardest part is yet to come. In order to make it to the beach, you need to climb down, holding on to a rope , through a rock face to reach to the bottom.

Making the challenging climb down to the beach

We spent three hours at the beach and during that time we had the beach to ourselves the entire time, minus a few kayakers who stopped for a 20 minute break.

There are caves on either side of the beach and around the corner you can snorkel into caves and around shallow rocks with the many fish that are tucked away in this bay.

After a morning of adventures, we climbed up the rope with our beach bags tied to our backs.  We went to five other beaches while we were in Milos, but none of them were quite as private and none came close to Tsigrado.

One thought on “Places I’ve Been: Tsigrado Beach, Milos, Greece

  1. Wow, that looks amazing! I haven’t been to Greece… I found you through an image search i was doing for Tulum beach. I’m building a website for Tulum. I live here in Tulum and love it!!

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